Monday, April 16, 2007

Tragedy & Politics At VA Tech

The tragedy that has befallen the Virginia Tech campus today is immeasurable to summarize in words. Whenever something of this magnitude happens the first response is to always ask "why", or "how could this happen"? The sad reality is that we live in a crazy, messed up world where life doesn't always make sense. That being said, there are several things within this issue I'd like to touch upon.

First of all, it has not been determined for sure that the first shooting which took place in the dormitory and the shooting within the class room building were perpetrated by the same individual. Preliminary reports are stating it is the same person by this has not been verified by the authorities. If they are one and the same, then how did this guy get out of the dorm and all the way across campus without being seen by witnesses or apprehended by security? Granted, there was a two-hour lapse between shootings, but what caused this delay?

It is being reported that the murderer used two handguns, a 9mm, and a .22-caliber, and continually reloaded throughout the rampage. If this is the case why did no one try to apprehend or subdue him while reloading? Apparently chains were used to bar the exit doors shut to keep those inside Norris Hall from escaping. This would make it appear to be a premeditated event. The two events seem very different based upon these immediate details. It has been confirmed that there were two separate bomb threats last week at Virginia Tech, but no details if these events are related.

The anti-gun crowd is already crowing for more gun restrictions to help "protect" our college campuses. Truth be told, it is because of these restrictions that such a horrible travesty had such a high amount of casualties. The scenario could very well have ended with many fewer causalities if anyone of the faculty, staff, or students had been packing a firearm for just such an event as this. It must be noted that a bill allowing college students and employees the right to carry handguns on campus was shot down last year without much second thought. Here is one students thoughts about this law.

That's my two-cents worth on the topic. My heartfelt prayers go out to all the victims, their families, and the perpetrator of this terrible atrocity.