Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Shock-Jock Or Racist?

Am I the only one who is fed up with hearing about the Don Imus radio fiasco? Give the guy a break, he's a shock jock, he gets paid to annoy and offend people! Is he insensitive and heartless at times? Of course, but who isn't? Doesn't the First Amendment apply to him? Yes it does but idiots like Al Sharpton believe that it shouldn't because he touched on a racial topic that would not even have made the news if it was said by a black radio personality. Enough with the double standard!

Why is everyone so damn sensitive to every little thing said anymore? American society has become a cesspool of whining girlie-men who can't take an insult or put-down without throwing a temper tantrum and crying "mean spirited"! This is what happens when the girlie-men homos and butch fem rights activists run roughshod through the media and political organizations. Grow up people, get a set of balls! Quit worrying about what everyone else is saying and doing, mind your own business and life your life to the fullest!