Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Teen Puts Out 'Hit' On "Fetus"

How about this one for hypocrisy. An 18-year-old has pleaded guilty to attempting to hire a hit man to kill his unborn child carried by his ex-girlfriend.

Now explain this to me. If a woman can go to a "clinic" and have the "fetus" "terminated" any time she wants then why can the man not have it killed as well since he is half of the "fetus'"DNA being carried? Should this guy not have the same rights as his ex-girlfriend would have if she decided to make this "choice"? If he is going to prison because he attempted to kill a living being, whether you call it a baby, a fetus, or what not, then by the same logic should any woman who makes the same attempt not summer a similar fate?

Oh wait, I'm being logical again and that doesn't work when it comes to politics, the government, or society in general anymore. And for those who are wondering, no, I am not sarcastic or cynical....ever....I'm just a product of my environmental upbringing.