Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Latest...

It's been a couple weeks since I've been able to update what's been going on with Crossroads, the primary reason being lack of Internet access. I have posted a few things on the Crossroads blog however.
At present we are in the Dallas/Fr. Worth, TX area, or as they like to call it here, the 'Metroplex'. I'm not really sure what that means but that's what they say. It's been a good past couple weeks, after crossing Arizona and going into New Mexico we spent the weekend in El Paso, TX and had the opportunity to cross the border into Juarez, Mexico. As this was my first time south of the border I quite enjoyed it, reminding me somewhat of Europe. It's hard to believe that things are so different just a few miles from the Texas border.
We crossed all of New Mexico and have been walking across Texas for the past week, will this state ever end?!!! I still have no clue what all the fuss is that Texans make about there state, All I've seen so far is a very large, flat area that is good for farming and not much else! Its just as hot here as it was in Arizona or New Mexico but its starting to get pretty humid as well. Plus, we're on the same road, TX 180, across the entire length of the state! So that's all I've really got to say about it, I think Texans just like to brag about it 'cause it's so big and there's nothing here, kind of like those in New Jersey, they just wish they were from New York!
There have been some new developments in the Terri Schiavo case, here's a copy of an article from the doctor who examined her. Here's an article from her parents attorney, and here's one about her autopsy.
Another interesting story I recently was made aware of is about Susan Torres, a women who is considered legally dead but is being kept alive as she is pregnant and in order for her child to have the chance to live she needs to hang on for a few more weeks. Here is the website where you can get all the info about her and this amazing story.
Until I have time to write again please keep all of us on Crossroads in your prayers as we have to walk across the rest of Texas this week and we'll be in Louisiana next weekend.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm in New Mexico

I'm out in the desert of New Mexico, still walking across the country. Things are going well for the most part, a few challenges here and there with attitudes, personalities, scheduling, etc, but all in all things are going well. I'm been posting to the official Crossroads Blog whenever I have time with pictures and stories so I haven't had as much time to on my own site, but you can link to it no problem. Here's a few more pics I've taken, enjoy!

Saturday, June 4, 2005

Crossroads Walk 2005

As I begin to write this I am sitting in Phoenix, AZ at the Cafe Fiat after praying at a Planned Parenthood here in Phoenix with the group The Underground Project, started by the beautiful Melanie Welsch. The past week has been incredible. It started out with a long and delayed arrival into Ontario, CA after many challenges on my connecting flight into Houston. I began my journey in 29 Palms walking all night long through the desert of Southern California. Previous to beginning our night time journey we ate dinner at the O'Briens. Arriving at their house was an experience to be sure, they live in the middle of nowhere in the California desert. It was almost surreal, like something out of a movie! They were the nicest people you'll ever meet though.
The rest of the trip has consisted of walking though California and into Arizona, which is where I am now. Crossroads has a blog that will be updated all summer long here.

Here's some of the pictures I've taken thus far.