Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Senate Ethics Bill More Than it Seems

Dr. James Dobson from Focus on the Family is reporting that senate ethics bill S.1 will do more than just rid Washington of unethical behavior, it will also curb free speech for private citizens by limiting the ways they can stay up to date of what goes on in Washington. From Citizen Link"

At issue is S. 1 -- the first bill the newly Democratic Senate will consider next week. While much of the bill, which aims to clean up recent lobbying scandals, is good, it contains a provision that would severely limit the ability of Americans like you to stay abreast of important issues being discussed and voted on in Washington.

It also would subject groups like Focus on the Family Action to miles of red tape that could critically hamper our ability to rally concerned Americans like you to make your voices heard by your elected officials. We could even face $100,000 fines for running afoul of the oppressive regulations.

"Clearly, the objective here is to hide what goes on from the public," Dr. Dobson says on today's edition of his daily radio broadcast. "And to punish and silence those of us who would talk about what the Congress is doing."
The actual wording of the bill can be read here.
Very interesting...about what I would expect from those now in power.

UPDATE: American Family Association has more info here.