Saturday, January 27, 2007

Censorship At Youtube, Google, And Myspace

A video came to my attention recently and it is one of the funnest music videos I've seen all year. Donnie Davies is a Christian minister of sorts from New Orleans who now resides in Houston. His "ministry" is called C.H.O.P.S., Changing Homosexuals into Ordinary People. His band, Evening Service, recently put out a video titled "The Bible Says," a lyrical denunciation of homosexuality. His theology is way off the mark, but the video is freaking hilarious! It has been uploaded onto Youtube, Google Video, and Myspace with several thousand views. However, just today, all three services removed the video and canceled his accounts. Like the video or not, he does have his first amendment rights protecting his freedom of speech, but all the video services don't seem to see it that way.

Youtube, Google, and Myspace have no problem with videos containing pro-homosexuality material, frivolous swearing, mockery of Christianity, and terrible rappers, but when it comes to someone espousing his views about a subject that to the majority of people in this country is morally reprehensible, they say it's "against their code of conduct," and "hateful." Whether it is or isn't, does he not have a right to express his views, just as those who promote their homosexual agenda do? The double standard is disgusting.

The video has actually been reposted on all three websites, however the lyrics have been dubbed over with The Village People's "YMCA." This one is titled "Donnie Davies - The Bible Says (Gay Friendly Version).
Click below to see the unedited version still up at College Humor.