Friday, April 3, 2009

Conservative Talk Radio Hypocrisy

Debt Prison has great piece on the hypocrisy of "conservative" talk radio pundits. Here's a brief excerpt:

The same Conservatives, who complain so loudly about the involvement of government in our private market (and rightfully so I believe) never seem to complain when we use government force to manage the affairs of other nations. As was clearly demonstrated by our invasion and continued occupation of Iraq, Conservatives maintain the position that our government knows what is best for the people of Iraq.

According to these radio hosts “the government screws up everything they touch”… with the acute exception of foreign policy.

How can these Conservatives complain that the U.S. government isn’t capable of centrally planning the economy, but still insist that our government is perfectly capable of centrally planning the government, economy, and culture of another country via perpetual war and nation building? Their vision is crystal clear on government intervention in the economy but dismally naive in the realm of foreign policy.
Read the entire article here.