Monday, April 20, 2009

The Real Tea Parties

Ilana Mercer has a fantastic interview with James Ostrowski over at Taki's Mag on real tea parties and what must happen in order to change where our country is headed.

ILANA: The tea party protests across the country are all fueled by that indomitable America spirit. And that’s good. However, most tea protesters have yet to arrive at the principles that undergirded the American Revolution. Explain.

OSTROWSKI: What we have now in America is so far from the original idea that it would be unrecognizable to the Founders. The old Republic slipped away long ago and while it’s not possible to pinpoint the date, I like to say 1917. That year we entered World War I. War leads to higher taxes and the level of federal spending has never returned to pre-World War I levels. Domestically, the twin evils of the income tax and the Federal Reserve started to kick in around then too. So, forget Obama, we need to clear away the dead wood of the Progressive Era to even begin to see what a true Republic would look like. I don’t think most tea protesters are there yet but perhaps they can be persuaded. In any event, we need to go far beyond simply bashing Obama and pork.
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