Thursday, March 8, 2007

Sex, Abortion, & Child Brides

Great article about the dichotomy between sexual activity, abortion, and child marriages on Townhall. It seems there is quite a quandary for those pushing for more sexual education and freedom for younger and younger adolescents, including access to abortion on demand. However, when it comes to the subject of marriage for these same adolescents, they are adamantly opposed to it.

Ironically, the issue of child marriage, like abortion, is a dilemma for the left. The left is opposed to sex-selection abortions but works toward universal abortion-on-demand. Likewise, the left is against child marriage but is committed to “defend the rights of all young people to enjoy their sexual lives free from ill health, unwanted pregnancy, violence and discrimination.”

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) defines child marriage as “any marriage carried out below the age of 18.” Why do they oppose marriage before age 18? Because the girl is “physically, physiologically, and psychologically not ready to shoulder the responsibilities of marriage and childbearing.” These are the same people who say teens are going to have sex anyway so it is better to provide them with condoms and encourage “safe sex.”

So, to be perfectly clear: for the left, child marriage is the problem, not the fact that the girls are engaging in sexual activity at too young an age.
Janice Shaw Crouse does a great job of laying out the whole issue and exposing the REAL agenda behind the sexualization of our youth. Read it all here.