Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Sean Hannity Un-Gospel

As many of you know I am a Roman Catholic. When I say Roman Catholic I mean that I try and follow ALL of the Church's laws and precepts in their entirety, I don't pick and choose to follow only those teachings that are convenient for me. However, many people who claim to be "Catholic" do not take this route, instead they choose to abide only those teachings which are to their liking. This type of person is commonly referred to as a "smorgasbord catholic", or, on a broader level, a moral relativist. Sean Hannity is this kind of Catholic.

Hannity claims to be a "good Catholic," however, his pro-birth control stance speaks otherwise. Recently Hannity condemned a priest on his television show for daring to repudiate his claim that birth control is morally acceptable. Fr. Thomas J. Euteneuer, the President of Human Life International wrote an article on his website about Hannity's Catholic hypocrisy on this issue and was immediately invited to appear on the Hannity & Colmes TV show. The video of their encounter follows.

Fr. Euteneuer had previously written to Hannity about his public stance on the matter back in 2004, of which he received no response. After the "debate" Fr. Euteneuer expounded on the issue in his Spirit & Life column.

It doesn't end there however. Fr. Jonathan Morris L.C., a frequent Fox News contributor, and the brother of a former classmate of mine, wrote a letter to Hannity rebuking Fr. Euteneuer's public condemnation of Hannity's heretical views. Of course Fr. Euteneuer responded back that Fr. Morris should be the one bringing up this subject, and not himself.

I personally have lost a tremendous amount of respect for both Sean Hannity and Fr. Jonathan Morris. If Hannity is going to claim to be a devout Catholic in a public setting then he sure as hell better back up that claim in both his words and actions. To do otherwise is to cause scandal for all those who are influenced by his message, and when you're on the radio & television every day like Hannity, that is a substantial number.

Fr. Morris as an ordained Catholic priest has the obligation and the duty to speak the absolute truth of the Roman Catholic faith, even when it's unpopular or inconvenient. To do less than this on such an important issue is the equivalent of denying Christ as St. Peter did.

Jill Stanek has a great take on this subject on her blog. Also, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer has a blog that has all the latest about this controversy.