Thursday, February 10, 2005


So I just read on The that Cuba has banned smoking in public places. Initial reports said that Cubans continue to puff away regardless. I wonder what these nice young ladies will do if the law is actually enforced?

Apparently Europe is passing the same type legislation as well, here's an article from the Economist about Milan.

Milan's 250,000 smokers seem reconciled with a new nation-wide ban on smoking in public spaces, which went into effect on January 10th. They now dutifully tramp outside to shiver as they puff. Italy now joins Norway and Ireland in imposing no-smoking measures for all bars, restaurants and offices. Smoking is now allowed only in private homes, special ventilated smoking rooms and outside. The fine for illicit smoking is 275 euros, double if committed near a pregnant woman or a child. Restaurant and bar managers also face fines if they do not enforce the law. Milan's hospital San Paolo has unveiled plans for a new service to help smokers kick the habit.

Meanwhile, some of Italy's roughly 13 million smokers are fuming. A new association, Io Fumo (I Smoke), is seeking a referendum to appeal the law, which it decries as a threat to civil liberties. Some bar and restaurant owners say the new law may hurt business, but this has not materialised in other cities, such as New York, which have enacted similar bans.