Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Blogs In General

Are blogs not the most fascinating pieces of information on the Internet right? Everyday in the news you see and hear more and more people talking about web logs and how they are changing the way people get their information about every subject imaginable, from the war in Iraq to instructions on programing your VCR. The blog community at large is probably the fastest growing online community. Of course the problem with all this new information that is being spread throughout the blogsphere is tracking down the right information that you may be searching for. Well, there is a website designed specifically for searching through the vast array of blogs. This website is called Technorati. I first found out about this sweet little blog search engine while reading Forbes Magazine last month. Since then, whenever I'm trying to find something online, not only do I automatically punch in Google or Ice Rocket, but I now have a more efficient way to search through the ever growing throngs of information among the vast assortment of blogs that previously was not readily available through the more conventional search engines. Of course while on the subject of blogs we all have to talk about our favorites, the one or two that we just keep going back to because there is always something new or interesting that always captivates our attention. I would have to say that for me that one blog would be blog maverick, written my Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, star of the TV show The Benefactor, and the founder of HDNet amongst other things. This is one that I find myself surfing to at least once a week because there is always something interesting to read, whether Mark is commenting on how the team is doing, the business and technological environment, politics, or just life in general. I would definitely recommend checking out his site, I don't think you'll leave disappointed.