Thursday, May 3, 2007

Left Lane Drivers Unite

One of my biggest personal pet peeves while driving is when someone in front of me is traveling at an immensely slower speed in the left-hand passing-lane. My usual response is to tailgate the person or if that doesn't work, flash my high beams at them. On rare occasion I've even angrily honked the horn while doing both of the above. If there is still no response I'll resort to passing in the right-hand "slow-lane", which in many states is considered illegal.

In order to help combat this annoyance, a new organization has recently been formed. Their website gives the following information about the group:

Left Lane Drivers of America is a diverse, very loosely affiliated group of drivers who share the common objective of reducing the Left Lane congestion on our freeways and multi-lane highways by politely encouraging slow drivers to move over.

The Left Lane is supposed to be the passing lane and in many states slow Left Lane drivers can be cited for obstructing traffic. Those who stake out permanent positions for themselves in the Left Lane may in fact become slow moving safety hazards.

In order to actually help slower drivers move right, offers copyrighted windshield decals which boldly and prominently display their unified sentiment in the offending driver’s rearview mirror. The decal, which reads “MOVE OVER” when viewed through a rearview mirror also has a large arrow showing the slower driver where to go.

Bottom Line: Moving over is a matter of courtesy. It is a matter of safety. It is a matter of doing one's part to help traffic flow smoothly. And it is the law in many states: “Stay to the right except to pass”. Left Lane Drivers of America is doing something positive to help improve traffic flow on today’s overcrowded, pressure-packed freeways. The “MOVE OVER” message has the potential of helping reduce instances of road rage, hazardous driving and untimely, often deadly accidents.
I'm considering purchasing one of these decals. Maybe it'll help soccer mom on the cell-phone or grandpa in his 1985 Cadillac to get out of the passing-lane while going five miles under the speed limit!