Friday, February 16, 2007

The Intolerance Of Intolerance

Former NBA star Tim Hardaway announced during a radio show Wednesday that he doesn't like homosexuals when asked how he would respond to a teammate coming out of the closet. As can be expected the backlash to his comment has been incredible. The NBA has banned Hardaway from participating in this weekend's All-Star game festivities do to his so-called 'intolerance'. Hardaway has a First Amendment right just like the rest of us, so why is the NBA being so intolerant of him for voicing his personal opinion when asked it? What should he do, lie? Pretend that the practice of sodomizing another man is morally decent? Whenever a homosexual activist such as Rosie O'Donnell expresses her personal belief by bashing Christianity no one is saying that she is intolerant or bigoted. So why is there such a double standard for those who actually have a moral belief system and buck the politically correct crowd? The PC left is completely hypocritical in that by denouncing anyone who is considered "intolerant" they are being intolerant of intolerance!