Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Good Job America....What the Hell Were You Thinking?

So George Allen has lost his Virgina Senate race to Jim Webb. Great job America, you've blown another election. Sure the Republican party has it's shortcomings, but its still better than the Democratic alternative! By allowing the Democrats to take over the House and Senate you have all but eliminated any chance of a strict constructionist being elected to the Supreme Court.
Why could you not pass the abortion ban in South Dakota or parental notification in California and Oregon? How about the ban on cloning in Missouri, or the marriage amendment in Arizona? You couldn't even reelect arguably the best man in the senate, Rick Santorum. Does our country have any moral values left? Is the only issue that matters to people the Iraq war, or rather the desire to get the hell out as quickly as possible?
Do you realize the implications of Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House? The very fact that she is third in line for the presidency is beyond scary.
So now what, is it time to just let Kerry, Clinton, Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer and the like run around and just have their way?
I say don't give up hope yet, maybe this is just the wake up call we needed. The Republican party now has a choice: get back to their conservative base, the ones who put them in power to begin with; or, move towards the Democratic left and alienate all of us who still have some sense of morals and decency. This choice will be very interesting to watch over the next two years.