Tuesday, February 7, 2006

A Quick Fix?

Have you ever wanted to help a butterfly out of a cocoon? You know that if you did you just prevented that butterfly from ever being able to fly. If a child has spent all his/her money and then wants to go to the movies with friends, what is the most growth producing response from parents? If a young couple purchased an expensive car and now cannot make the payments, what is the most helpful response? If I can't pay my electric bill, should my church take care of it for me? We are prone to medicate too much joy or too much sadness. We classify ourselves as ADD, depressed or bipolar. We want instant health, income and friends. What if the journey itself is part of the growth and process leading to ultimate success?

A world class athlete has to go through years of struggle and rigorous daily training to ever be competitive. Any respected musician has spent hours and hours of making mistakes before finding the notes that create a beautiful sound. Can we recognize the valuable training taking place in the struggles of our daily lives? Do you always want a quick fix to your own challenging situations? When a person crashes financially not having a rich dad to bail them out can be good. It is through the struggle of no frills living that we are reminded of how precious simple pleasures can be and we can expand our appreciation for the simple things in life. Are you in between opportunities in your work? Are you hoping to win the lottery as an instant fix to your financial woes? Maybe you're overlooking the opportunity to learn from and enjoy the journey you're on. A prolonged challenge may force you into your own successful business or to learn some new skills that increase your marketability.

Be careful of shortcuts that plop you down in the success you think you want. The real value may be in your present journey.

Taken from the website 48 Days to the work you love