Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pro-Life March '06

The 33rd annual March For Life was held in the streets of our nations capitol yesterday. The estimated number of people attending was anywhere from 80,000 to 220,000. This was the 10th year that I have attended the event and I think it was the best one yet. There seemed to be a sense of a changing of the tides in the Roe V. Wade debate. The lack of notable opposition to the pro-life advocates might be one reason, or the fact that everyone involved is realizing that prayer, not gory pictures and insidious name calling, is the only way to change minds and hearts and overcome the atrocity of abortion.
I had the opportunity to help Crossroads pass out over 20,000 pro-life stickers after Mass at the MCI center, attended by 30,000 people! The effect was amazing, the blue and white stickers were seen plastered all over DC!
Of course, after the march we kept with the Franciscan University tradition of going to the Dubliner for a few pints to celebrate another successful march for life!