Tuesday, November 8, 2005

So Much For Objectivity

Before watching the PBS Frontline special on the pro-life movement in Mississippi entitled "The Last Abortion Clinic" I was expecting a documentary on the pro-life movement, just as the biographers said they were doing when I met and interviewed with them for several hours back in July. As I now know, that is just code for "we'll say whatever you want to hear in order to get the information we want from you so we can put our own spin on it and make it appear as though the pro life movement is trying to harm the poor and less fortunate of Mississippi". Well, my hopes weren't overly optimistic before hand, but after watching it I realize that no matter we those on the right say or do, be it totally harmless, the leftist media will find a way to spin it to make the right look ignorant and uninformed. Even the questions and answers by the abortion clinic owner appeared to be staged in order to make her position seem like a central right and belief. This is just one more reason why I refuse to trust anyone in the media at all!